City Psychology

City Psychology provides counselling, psychology and assessment services that aim to provide accessible, and high quality support. 

We are a Registered NDIS Provider.


City Psychology is a specialist mental health care and disability services provider delivering accessible and cost effective support.

Our aim is to promote the overall wellbeing of individuals and families by providing quality support and allied healthcare.

We strive to promote the positive futures of people living with mental illness and disabilities by empowering and supporting their inclusiveness within our community.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

An Integrated and holistic approach to mental health focussed on working collaboratively clients to support, empower and create positive changes in their lives.

Behavioural and Therapeutic Support

Support services that matter. We provide highly skilled support workers, therapeutic support workers and allied health professionals that support you along your journey.

Online Counselling and Psychology

We provide flexible support services for individual NDIS funding packages, Work-Cover, bulk billed Medicare rebates and private billing through health care funds. 

Case Management &
Support Coordination

We work together to develop goals, discover the options available. Engaging, planning, implementation and monitoring of NDIS plans and support coordination.

Active Community

Positive steps to living independently, creating social networks and engaging in community activities.
Assistance to access the community and participate in social and recreational activities.

Life Skills Development

Education, coaching and mentoring services for personal and professional growth and development. Improving positive life choices. Gaining skills that  enable you to maintain your independence. 

Travel and Transport

 We can support you to travel on public transport - the tram, bus or train. We support you to develop skills and independence for travel. We also provide transport services.

Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Programs and Critical Incident Response provider, giving your team access to comprehensive support and trauma response services. 24/7.



City Psychology is proud to work with a diverse team of qualified support workers, allied health workers, psychologists and practitioners whose knowledge and wealth of expertise and experience cover a wide range of issues.

We believe that everyone has the capacity for positive change and are committed to making this part of our services. Helping you to improve your overall wellbeing and help you live your best life.

Individualised & Collaborative Approaches
Work one on one in a safe and supportive, confidential environment.

Supportive & Empowering
Caring and engaging providing a safe and supportive environment for our clients.

Evidence Based Approaches
Use of evidence based therapeutic approaches and techniques to help achieve your goals. The use of cognitive, behavioural, interpersonal and mindfulness based approaches, while allowing space to explore and develop insight. 

Workshops & Groups
Our workshops, groups and courses are developed to transform the way you think and learn. Mental health and wellbeing programs are designed to teach evidence based techniques, develop skills and greater insight.

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